Open Letter from Boston Arts and Cultural Workers in Demand of Racial Equity and Social Transformation

June 12, 2020

To the leaders, boards, and patrons of our cultural institutions and workplaces:

In solidarity with and full endorsement of the calls to action outlined in the Movement for Black Lives, New York’s Arts Workers for Black Lives, and Philly Arts for Black Lives, we, the undersigned, as artists, writers, musicians, performers, arts administrators, curators, educators, students, and workers in the cultural life of the City of Boston, affirm and demand an anti-racist, abolitionist, and decolonial ethics of care in our arts and cultural institutions. 

Black Lives Matter, and we write to you in defense of Black life. We must dismantle all institutions invested in anti-Black racism, white supremacy, and the protection of property over life, including many of our arts and cultural museums, institutions, universities, and organizations. As a living relic of empire, the museum as we know it exists because of its dependency on and complicity in the workings of settler colonialism and racial capitalism. To dismantle these systems requires nothing short of a transformation of social relations, and a forwarding of a future founded on an anti-racist, abolitionist, and decolonial ethics of care. There is no place in such a future for the museum as we know it now; we must create another. 

This is not a call to reform historically white and white-dominant museums; this is a call to unmake them. The reformist posture is one that applies weak-willed amendments onto structurally inequitable systems; unmaking such structures requires a confrontation with the holding of power itself. As artists and arts workers, we, the undersigned, demand the following measures for the unmaking of power and exclusionary practices as necessary first steps for all historically white and white-dominant arts and cultural institutions in Boston: 

We make these demands with no disillusionments. Boston’s historically white and white-dominant institutions strive above all else to preserve white supremacy in the hoarding of wealth, resources, and ways of work. Gestures of change in the arts are too often symbolic and performative in nature, address symptoms over root causes, and remain devoid of self-critique or meaningful weight. We seek the complete disavowal of such self-preservationist impulses and refuse all empty promises of reform over actions of redress. The aforementioned demands are the first of many steps that will be required of us to achieve this work. 

We refuse delay, for these actions are long overdue. We push forward these demands as necessary actions that center and carry the work of Boston’s community and neighborhood organizers who have already begun to create the conditions for another world. Our responsibilities to the unmaking power in these institutions must center, support, and uplift the history and present of Black activism, Black feminism, and Black grassroots organizing in Boston, from the Combahee River Collective to the visionary leadership of Elma Lewis, Melnea Cass, Ruth Batson, and Mel King to today’s Black and brown youth movements. Together and in solidarity with these ongoing actions, we fight for a future of Boston that is abolitionist, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist. We reject unequivocally the conditions of impossibility for such a future. We will no longer allow our arts and cultural museums, institutions, universities, and organizations to impede, slow, or defer the realization of a just world. 

We, the undersigned, seek and claim an enduring commitment to realizing a just future that extends beyond our present social emergency. We must continuously confront and undo the work of oppressive indoctrination and complicity in unjust structures within our arts and cultural institutions as they currently exist. We support Boston’s Black-led community voices, community art spaces and these national resources. We pledge and demand a practice of generosity, mutuality, and care over life before property, and people before institutions. We know that another world, and another future, is not merely possible—it is already on its way. 


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Colleen Scallen, Artist

Abigail Satinsky, Curator
Tufts University Art Galleries

Anthony Romero, Artist, Professor of the Practice
SMFA at Tufts

Michelle Millar Fisher, Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts
MFA Boston

A. Ankitha Pullagura, Writer and Curatorial Assistant
Brown University and ICA/Boston

Marina Tyquiengco, Curatorial Assistant | Visiting Instructor
MFA Boston | Brown University

Haley Rayburn, Marketing
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Karthik Pandian, Artist and Assistant Professor
Harvard University

Paige K Johnston, Assistant Director if Public Programs
Harvard Graduate School of Design

Kara Stokowski, Community Arts Liaison
MFA Boston

Evelyn Mayberger, Conservator
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Martina Tanga, Curatorial Research and Interpretation Associate
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Emma Rose Rainville, Development Officer
MFA Boston

Diana Sibbald, Publications
MFA Boston

Adriana Zavala, Associate Professor of Art History, Tufts University; Director of the US Latinx Art Forum, Inc.
Tufts University, Department of History of Art and Architecture; US Latinx Art Forum

Jules Rochielle , Creative Director and Lecturer
Nulawlab and School Museum of Fine Arts

Betsy Redelman Díaz, Professor
SMFA at Tufts

Sarah Kanouse, Artist

Anna Martine Whitehead, artist and art educator
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Sam Adams, Curatorial Fellow
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Meg Rotzel, Curator of Exhibitions
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Katie Mayshak , Director of Development

Liz Munsell, Curator of Contemporary Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Ellen Tani, Art Historian and Independent Curator

Lori Lobenstine, Program Design Lead
Design Studio for Social Intervention

Elizabeth Upenieks, Curatorial Assistant
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Joy Bloser, Assistant Conservator
MFA Boston

Eben Haines, Artist, Designer
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Christian Guerra, Principal/ Founder
CBG Arts + Culture

Sonia Almeida, Artist

Tom Burtonwood, Artist and Art Educator
School of the Art Instititute of Chicago

Rebecca Schnopp, Art Administrator (Assistant Director)
Cambridge Art Association

Lucy Kim, Artist and Assistant Professor of Art - Painting
Boston University

Nicholas Brown, Artist and Teaching Professor
Northeastern University

Eli Brown, Artist, Adjunct Professor
UMass Lowell, Montserrat College

Will Long, Artist

Kate Kraczon, Curator
Bell Gallery, Brown University

Tory Fair, Artist

Kaitlyn Clark, Exhibitions and Public Programs Coordinator
Tufts University Art Galleries

Shana Dumont Garr, Curator
The Trustees, Fruitlands Museum

Evelyn Rydz, Artist and Associate Professor
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Juan Omar Rodriguez, Curatorial Fellow

Nina Miller, Visual Artist

Aamani Kottamasu, Development Assistant
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Susan Sidlauskas, Professor and Chair
Art History Department, Rutgers University

Candice Bancheri, Curator

Maryam Taghavi, Artist, educator

Nicole Divito, Designer

Jessica Hong, Associate Curator of Global Contemporary Art
Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth

Nemo Xu, Visitor Assistant

Allie Hernandez, Artist, Instructor
The Makery Brookline

Claire Ogden, student

Brett Angell, Senior exhibitions preparator, objects
MFA Boston

Laura Beth Reese, Artist, Studio Manager, Part-Time Faculty
School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University

Lynne Cooney, Artistic Director
Boston University Art Galleries

Delaney Dameron, Curator
Shelter In Place Gallery

Krystle Brown, Artist
Kingston Gallery

Audrina Warren, Artist
Proof Gallery (former)

Lindsey Landfried, Curator
Penn State University

Kat Bossi, Executive Assistant to the Chief of Exhibitions Strategy and Gallery Displays
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Kimberly Barnes, Programs Manager
Fort Point Arts Community

Luiza deCamargo, Development Officer
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Sopheak Sam, Marketing Associate

Kevin B. Moore, Artist

Jen Duckett , Corporate Art Specialist

Emma Boast, Arts & Culture Fellow
Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Orlee Malka, Artist

Gregory Mahoney, Artist, Technology Administrator
SMFA at Tufts

David Thacker, Manager of Exhibitions & Public Programs
Tufts University Art Galleries / SMFA at Tufts

Jameson Johnson, Editor in Chief
Boston Art Review

Erina Duganne, Associate Professor
Texas State University

Lilian Mengesha, Assistant Professor
Tufts University, Department of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

Kate Mcnamara, Curator

Julia Hechtman, Associate Teaching Professor
Northeastern University

Alicenne Reid, arts educator

Kaelynn Maloney, Department and Curatorial Assistant
Tufts University Art Galleries

Natasha Seaman, Professor
Rhode Island College

Meagan Hepp, Teaching Artist and Sculptor

Ruth Erickson, Curator

Katarina Burin, Professor and artist

Dina Deitsch, Director
Tufts University Art Galleries

Kate Drewniak, Artist

Jeffrey De Blois, Assistant Curator and Publications Manager

Julia Kwon, Artist

Pat Falco, Artist
Distillery Gallery

Megan Creamer, Art Conservator

Katie Theodoros, Director of Continuing Education
North Bennet Street School

Natalie Ann Schaefer, Photographer and Arts Educator

Maria Garth, Graduate Student
Rutgers University

Christine Prendergast, Artist

Jennifer Gradecki, artist-theorist, assistant professor
Northeastern University

Derek Curry, Artist / theorist / Assistant Professor
Northeastern University

Amanda Tobin, Associate Director of School + Community Engagement

Phillip Zminda, Writer and Editor
Boston Art Review

Magda Fernandez, Artist

Sheida Soleimani, Artist and Assistant Professor of Studio Art
Brandeis University

Natalia Slattery, Marketing Specialist
Handel and Haydn Society

Maro Elliott, Manager of Institutional Giving

David Antonio Cruz, Artist

Jane Marsching, Professor
Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Daniel Elfanbaum, Writer, Editor
The Work and Response

John Secunde, Composer

Emily Garner, Public Programs Manager
List Visual Arts Center

Savannah Renaud, Marketing Associate

Joanna Tam, Artist

Jamilee Lacy, Director & Chief Curator
Providence College Galleries

Anthony Greaney, Director
Anthony Greaney

Hailey Mulvey, Art Handler / Preparator
ICA Boston, MFA Boston

Sarah Bapst, Artist

Michael Rakowitz, Artist

Hallie Selinger, Visitor Experience Manager

Hallie Selinger, Visitor Experience Manager

Katherine McNally , Development Associate
MFA Boston

Sarah Hachey, Interpretive Media and Adult Education Coordinator

Rika Smith, Art conservator

Chris Hoodlet, Membership Manager

Janet Loren Hill, Artist

Lenny Schnier, Education Department Coordinator

Zachary herrmann, Artist

Anna Kovacs, Exhibitions Manager / Registrar
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University

Nance Davies, Artist :: Teacher
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Loretta Park, Artist and Assistant Professor
Massachusetts College Of Art And Design

Loretta Park, Artist and Assistant Professor
Massachusetts College Of Art And Design

Danielle Abrams, Artist, Professor

Xaviera Simmons, Artist
Visiting Lecturer and Artist Harvard University

Montgomery Alcott, Teen New Media Program Assistant

Randi Hopkins, Director of Visual Arts
Boston Center for the Arts, Acting teacher/Director
Tufts University

Carly Bieterman , Department Coordinator
MFA Boston

David Burr, Artist

Willoughby Hastings , Artist

Karen Eutemey, Artist/ Educator

Leah Triplett Harrington, Assistant Curator
Now + There

Audrey Ring, Development Assistant
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Marsal Nazary , Artist

Shane Silverstein, Performing Arts Coordinator

Quanishia Mosley, Manager of Recruiting
The Met

Maria Antifonario, Development
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Jack Miov, artist / theorist /

Victoria Simpson, writer

Elena Belle White, Associate Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships (CACP)
Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)

Eli Epstein, Union Press and Montserrat College of Art
Printer/Designer, Adjunct Professor

Peter R. Kalb, Associate Professor
Brandeis University

Neda Moridpour, Professor of the Practice
SMFA at Tufts University

Dana Mueller, Assistant Teaching Professor
Northeastern University

Leila Simon Hayes, Designer and Artist

Anna Cline, Corporate and Foundations Giving Officer
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Kate Fackina, Teaching Artist
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids

Alison Miller , Art Therapist
raw art works

Rachel St. Pierre , Filmschool Manager
Raw Art Works

Jenna Feldman, Art therapist

Maya Rubio, Student

Jason Polins , Artist and Instructor

Jillian Impastato , Student at Tufts University

Maria Molteni , Artist, educator, organizer
New Craft Artists in Action, Boston LGBTQ+ Artist Alliance

Kelsey Hammond , Art Educator

Matthew Hincman, Professor, Chair Fine Arts 3D
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Evan Aanerud, Student

Ethan Murrow, Chair of Painting and Drawing
SMFA at Tufts University

Matthew Christensen , Editor

Karen Meninno, Artist, Independent Curator

Liz Nofziger, Artist

Julia Ryan, Artist Resource Manager
City of Boston

Judith Brassard Brown, Artist, Educator
Montserrat College is Art, Kingston Gallery

India Clark , Founder
Wayfinder Institute

Brian Wiggins, Artist

Andrea Schoenfeld, Artist

Caroline Dale , Artist

Anja DuBois, Artist

Andrew Cain, Artist

Leah Craig, Assistant Professor
Lesley University Art and Design

Stephanie Cardon, Assistant Professor
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Gregory Williams, Associate Professor
Boston University

Audrey Goldstein, Artist, Chair of Art & Design, Suffolk University

Audrey Goldstein, Artist, Chair of Art & Design,Suffolk University
Gallery Kayafas

Nohemi Rodriguez , Teen Programs Associate

Laura Chong, Development Officer
MFA, Boston

Jamal Thorne, Artist
Dorchester Art Project

Susan Greer Emmerson, artist
Kingston Gallery

Jill Goldstein, Project Manager
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Rachel Vogel, PhD candidate
Harvard University, History of Art and Architecture

David Guerra, Gallery owner/ Founder director

Jenna Danoy, Content Marketing Associate
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Gabriel C Richardson, Artist

Ilona Anderson, Artist
Kingston Gallery

Rosalyn Delores Elder, Architect, Artist, Writer
African American Heritage in Massachusetts

Makeda Best, Richard L

Makeda Best, Richard L Menschel Curator of Photography
Harvard Art Museums

Mia Fabrizio, Artist

Aja Johnson , Artist

Ben Sloat, Director
MFA in Visual Arts, Lesley Art & Design

Katherine Higgins, Producer
MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology

Sophia Larigakis, Editorial assistant
Dia Art Foundation

Kathryn Riel, Librarian and Artist
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Linda Leslie Brown, Artist, Professor
Kingston Gallery, Suffolk University

Aurelia Campbell, Associate Professor, Art History
Boston College

Andrew Grimanis, Artistic Associate
Boston Center for the Arts

Oscar Palacio, Professor
Lesley Art + Design

Liz Canter, Manager of Academic Programs
Tufts University Art Galleries

Stephanie Lee, co-founder
Space Us

Ellen Shakespear, Co-founder
Space Us

Jessica Pizzuti, Technical Director
Tufts University

Emily Isenberg, President
Isenberg Projects

Anneloes van Beek, Artist and Framer
Adjective Art & Framing

Amelia, Editor, curator
Thalia Magazine

Sal Burnette, Artist and Writer

Elle “Lem” Marston, Hospitality Manager + Creative

Leena Cho, Artist

Liv Porte, Curatorial and Public Programs Assistant
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts; Harvard University

Anya Ventura, Writer

Andrea Blesso , Director of Dance
Boston Center for the Arts

Niloufar Emamifar, Artist

Nikki Columbus, Writer, editor, public programs
CUNY Graduate Center

David Reeder, Filmmaker
Emerson College

Kala Brzezinski, Curatorial Assistant
Harvard University

Lilia Volodina, Artist

Anna McNeary, Adjunct Professor of Art
Pine Manor College

Mehtap Ozturk Yagci, Executive Assistant

Kayla Joliat, Artist

Olivia Pijanowski, Supporter

Mia Fabrizio , Artist

Erin Becker, Norma Jean Calderwood Director
Cambridge Art Association

Julia Emiliani, Artist, Illustrator

Ryan Wong, Designer

Sara Brown, Assistant Professor
MIT Music and Theater Arts

Gill, Executive Director
Cold Hollow Sculpture Park

Alicia Quimby, Artist

Brittany Loar, Artist

Martha Schnee, Research/Artist Assistant
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Isabel Cole, Community Arts Initiative Liaison
MFA Boston

Cozette Russell, Program Coordinator
Film Study Center, Harvard University

Kareem Khubchandani, Assistant Professor
Tufts University

Katie Soule, Exhibitions Production Assistant
Carpenter Center for Visual Arts - Harvard University

Justine, Artist

Amber Hakim, Artist

Cleo Brigham, Artist

Pouya Afshar, Professor
Umass Lowell

Daniela Sierra, Department Coordinator
MFA Boston

Louis Perez, Artist/mentor
Artists for humanity

Timothy Manalo, Artist

Chelsea Silbereis , Photographer

April Gao, Graduate student
MIT School of Architecture and Planning

Kara Springer, Artist

Kannetha, Photographer

Kara Elliott-Ortega, Chief of Arts and Culture
City of Boston

Mike Tom, Publicist
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Eva Rosenberg, Interim Director, Arts & Culture
The Boston Foundation

Jacob Gilman, Coordinator of Marketing & Special Projects / Artist
Manifest Boston / Nightworks

Benny Shaffer, Artist and Lecturer
Northeastern University

Steven Braun, Designer, Visiting Assistant Professor
Northeastern University

Adia millett, Artist

Liz Gardner, Director of Interpretation
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Abbie Cohen , Community Partnerships Lead
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Paula Soares, Manager of Academic Programs
Art, Film, and Visual Studies, Harvard University

Brian Zink, Artist
Brian Zink Art Services

Liv Varney, Designer

Civry Melvin, Development
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Jessie Rubenstein , Exhibition Designer, Lecturer in Graphic Design
Marks & Spaces, Boston University

Natalie Joy Gale, Visual Arts Programming Intern
Boston Center for the Arts

Jennifer montgomery, filmmaker

Maya Detwiller, Product Engineer

Abigail Orrick, Writer, Educator, and PhD Student
Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Katherine Wildman, Artist

Jenna Lenore Wells, Senior Designer
Aramark/ MA Multidisciplinary Design Belfast, N Ireland

Traci Belcastro, Artist

Amy Briggs Kemeza, Tour Programs Manager

Jason Weeks, Executive Director
Cambridge Arts Council

Isabella Connor , Writer and Public Historian

Karen Matthews , Photographer

Tom Maio, Gallery Supervisor

Tom O'Neill, Actor

Althea Northcross, Landscape Designer

Lei Zong, Artist

Matthew Swarts, Visual Artist

Zsuzsanna Szegedi, Artist

Allison Lange, Professor

Audrey Ingalls, Former Visitor Assistant
Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston

Sarah Maeder, Artist and Art Therapist

Emily Mogavero, Marketing Associate

Liam Mahoney , Illustrator, designer, videographer, educator

Lindsay Blevins, Artist

Jill Slosburg-Ackerman, Professor Emerita, MassArt

Andrew Harrington , Visitor Assistant

Emily Foster Day, Co-Executive Director
Boston Center for the Arts

Karen Klein, Poet/dancer

Phyllis Ewen, Independent Artist
Brickbottom Artists Studios

Christina Taylor, Conservator
Harvard Art Museums

Sarah Ribeiro , Marketing manager

Juke Jose, Museum Staff

Mel Taing, Artist

Philana Brown, Arts Program Coordinator
Harvard Ed Portal

Eve C. Alpern, Assistant Director for Arts Programming
Harvard Ed Portal

Rachel M Cournoyer, Photographer, Writer, Artist (freelance)

Sonja Denda, Student Researcher
Northeastern Center For The Arts

Laura Preston, Administrative + Outreach Coordinator
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, Harvard University

Dharani Persaud, Youth & Community Programs Coordinator

Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta, Professor
Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Maria Fong, Artist

Prilla Smith Brackett, Visual Artist

Kelly Teer, Membership Manager
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Jenna Pollack, Artist, Visiting Lecturer
Salem State University

Aneleise Ruggles, Communications Director
Arlington Center for the Arts

Sarah Montross, Senior Curator
DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Casey Shea, Artist

Alex Jacobson, President
Adjective Art & Framing

Ria Brodell, Artist

Brae , Poet

Ellen Sippel , Supporter

Lucky Li, Artist

Jay Scheib, professor, artist, producer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Loney Abrams, Faculty
Pratt Institute

Julia Foster, Visitor Assistant

Michele Vitti, Artist

Erin Trousdale, Student

Zachary Torres, Architectural Designer

Suzanne Hodes, Artist
Artists West Studios, Waltham

Ellen Wood, Student

Alicia Nichols, Director of Individual Giving
Boston Center for the Arts

Rebecca M. Fasman, Curator
Kinsey Institute

Eric Patel, Artist

Tim Green, Artist

Kae james , Artist/tattooer

Drew Bucilla, Ph.D Candidate
Art History, Graduate Center, CUNY

joan schwartz, artist

Darci Hanna, Assistant Curator
MassArt Art Museum

Elizabeth Rouse, Visual & Performance Artist

A.E. Ryan, Artist

Angela Kelly, Artist

Todd Ayoung, Artist and educator
Parsons, The New School and Pratt Institute

Defne Kirmizi, PhD Candidate
Boston University

Jean Vallon , Artist. Staff Assistant, Facilities Department
Harvard Art Museums

Jaime Smith, Artist

John D. Kramer, Freelance Graphic Designer
Radcliffe Inst. for Advanced Study, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Lesley U. Coll. of Art + Design, BMOP, Blue Heron, Yellow Barn, ...

Claire Bishop, Professor
CUNY Graduate Center

Renessa Ciampa, Owner
Ciampa Creative

Rebecca Hayes, Museum Educator

Lena Hajjar , Engineer

Erica Levy, Student

Gretchen Skogerson, Artist, Professor

Anna Kolesova, Art Educator

Meredith Wiemer, Art Storage Coordinator
MFA, Boston

liam maccormack, Artist/ Lab Manager

Sloane Volpe, Gallery Manager

Timothy Blackburn, Artist, graphic designer

Donald, Student, Artist, Community Leader

Stephanie Putland, Picture Framer, Artist
Jameson & Thompson Picture Framers

Sean Lutz, Studio Manager and Teaching Artist
Arlington Center for the Arts

Sean Lutz, Ceramics Studio Manager
Arlington Center for the Arts

Daniel McCusker, Teaching artist

Daniel McCusker, Teaching artist
Senior Lecturer, TDPS Tufts University

Ryan Dight, Animator

Tiffany Knight, Program Producer

Rainey Tisdale, Independent Curator

Gina, Intern
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Mary Baine Campbell, poet, educator
Brandeis University

Anna Byington , Musician

Yazmany Arboleda, Artist

Ari the Black Indian, Faculty
Montserrat College of Art / BHCC

Ellen Sippel , Supporter

Blanda Affonso, Teacher

Paige Mazurek, Artist

Ty Ueda, Sr. Nobody

Steve Pollock, Visitor Assistant

Erin Wagner, Artist

Molly O’Donnell, Visitor Services Associate

Andrea Gyorody, Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
Allen Memorial Art Museum

Mary Yang, Graphic Designer and Assistant Professor
Boston University

Jesslyn Boisclair, Artist

Erin Wise, Community member and supporter of the arts and of Black lives

Maria Ticona, Artist

Vivian, Digital Creator

Vivian Myron, Student
Boston University

Veronica, Artist & educator

Lisa McDonnell, Artist

Rhea Vedro, Director of Community Engagement
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Sarah Brophy, Artist

Henry Ferrini, Artist/Director
Gloucester Writers Center

Jacques Denault , Writer, MFA candidate
Emerson college

Jessica Bardsley, Artist and PhD Candidate
Harvard University

Lucas MacCormack, Artist

Chad Sirois, Senior Marketing and Engagement Manager

Olivia Falcigno, Photographer
The Daily Item - newspaper

Katherine Krug, Graphic designer

Don McPhee, Collection and Storage Access Coordinator
Peabody Essex Museum

Nicole Nachef, Artist

Daphne Xu, Artist

Lindsay Maldari, Museum Visitor Services Representative

Spencer Johnson, Visitor Service Rep
Institute of Contemporary Art Boston

Brandon Sichling, Assistant Teaching Professor, Program Director
Northeastern University

Thomas A. King, Co-chair, Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation, Brandeis University

Toni Shapiro-Phim, Educator and Filmmaker
Peacebuilding and the Arts, Brandeis University

Sydney Formica , Student

Gabriella Jones-Monserrate , Program Director
The Cooper Gallery of African & African American Art

Eva Grudin, Senior Lecturer (emerita)
Williams College

Ellen Stutman, Artist

Heather Kapplow, Artist

Mindy Tsonas, Artist/Activist
Be Seen Project

Marilyn Arsem, artist, founder
Mobius Inc.

Jamie Kodera, Development Associate, Leadership Gifts
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

EL Putnam , Artist

Abigail Whitney Smith, Artist

Jane Wang, Artist
Mobius, Inc.

Michaela Blanc, Curatorial Fellow
MassArt Art Museum

Anna Wexler, artist/curator/researcher
Mobius Artist Group

Charlotte Huffman, Year Round Programming Director
Girls Rock Campaign Boston

Jacqueline Tillman, Art Student
UMASS Boston

Anna Orton-Hatzis, Doctoral Student
Graduate Center, City University of New York

Karey Kenst, Artist

Justina Crawford, Community Engagement & Cultural Strategist

B.a.f, Artist

Kristin Bierfelt, Independent museum professional

Georgia Kennedy, Marketing & Online Content
Gateway Arts

Joshua Dixon, Artist & Instructor

Isabel Elson, Art History PhD Student
The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Khushmi Mehta, PhD Student
CUNY Graduate Center

Tess Mattern, Artist

Tara Metal, Digital Content Manager
Harvard Art Museums

Justin schaefers, Artist

Daniel Francois, Manager
KickBack Boston

Catie Kenny-Canal, poet

Sophia Axel, Artist

Heather Lenz, Artist

Genevieve Montante , Artist, Art Educator

Alex Mancini, Artist

Graham Wright, Founder
Opus Affair

Jen Lewis, Theatre Artist and Educator

Mari Novotny-Jones, Artist
Mobius, Inc.

Joyce Wellman, Artist

Shawn Baker, artist/educator
Alfred NYSCC

Maria OConnor , Artist

Diana Mellon, Art Historian & PhD Candidate
Columbia University

Ceilidh Yurenka, Photographer & Business Owner
Willow Baby Studios

Arlene Elkins, Marketing & Community Coordinator
Opus Affair

Deborah Black, Artist

Rixy Fernandez, Artist

Hadley Newton, Student
CUNY Graduate Center

Alexander Wood, Lecturer

E. Linda Poras, Independent Fine Art Appraiser

E. Linda Poras, Independent Fine Art Appraiser

Austin Fisher, Musician

Ilona Anderson, Prof

Rebecca Greene, Sculptor/Prop Maker
Boston Center for the Arts

Tim Wojcik, artist

Jay Brown, Director
Lijiang Studio

Kate Holloway, Artist

Christine Collins, Associate Professor
Lesley Art + Design

Eda French, Illustrator, Assistant Teacher
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Marissa Volk, Urban Design + Research Coordinator

William Cassidy, Artist, Designer

Lauren Thompson, Artist
Salem State University

Christopher Michael , Artists

Annie LeMasters, Student
- Select -

Ellen Schön , Artist, Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts
Lesley University College of Art and Design

Stef Amador , poet abolitionist

Sarah Slavick, Artist, Senior Lecturer
Lesley Art + Design, Lesley University

Erica imoisi, Artist

Miranda Aisling , Artist; Executive Director and Founder
Miranda’s Hearth

Marian Taylor Brown, Founder
Arts Connect International

Darrah Bowden, Assistant to the Director
Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Jo Williams, Production Manager
Moonbox Productions, Inc

Daniel Callahan, Artist and Art Educator

Ann Moritz, Chair
Boston Cultural Council

Hailey Fuqua, Artist
Opus Affair

Emma Leavitt, Director
Brain Arts Organization

Laurel Siegel, President
CACHE in Medford

John Guthrie, Director
Gallery VERY

Patrick Despage, Vocalist

Thuy Nguyen, Teacher

Dan Borelli, Artist, Lecturer, Director of Exhibitions
Harvard University, Graduate School of Design

Patrick Jaojoco, Director of Programs / Independent curator, writer, researcher

Charles G. Baldwin, Artist
Mass Cultural Council

Cameron Dowd, Ally

Ben Cosgrove, Musician

John Rudnik, Research Associate

Melissa Rocklen, Artist & Social Worker

Jasmine Kimieye Graham, Art Director
Intramersive. Inc

Jimena Bermejo, Artist

Wesley Cannon, Film Producer
Pathos Pictures

Kim Szeto, Program Director, Public Art
New England Foundation for the Arts

Caitlin Foley, Visiting Faculty
UMass Lowell

Ashley Mac, Marketing

Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Artist

Molly Dee, Artist, Graphic Designer & Sculptor
Opus Affair

John Branagan, Artist, Architecture Student
Northeastern University

Stace Brandt, Assistant Director
Gallery VERY

Jennifer Falk, Director
ArtsBoston and Boston Cultural Council member

Colleen Sweeney , Artist

Beverly Sky, Visual Artist, Fiber Arts, Designer
Fenway Artists Studios, Boston Center for the Arts

Eileen de Rosas, Artist and Teacher
Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Bryan MacAuslan, Owner/Founder
EventThem / TicketUnion

Ryan McSweeney, Artist

Rita Gehrenbeck-Shim, Artist


Gladys B. Vargas, Artist

Carol J Ockman, Curator at Large; Professor Emerita
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens; Williams College

Maria Servellon, Artist

Lily Xie, Artist

Denise Lindquist, Artist
Fenway Art Studios

Sheila Novak, Artist, Public Art Project Manager
The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

Annie Cardinaux, Textile Artist

Adriana Knouf, Artist/Writer/Xenologist/Assistant Professor of Art + Design
Northeastern University

Fabio J Fernandez, Artist

Fabio J Fernandez, Artist

Fabio J Fernandez, Artist

brittany smith, artist / gallery owner
re-direct gallery

Alexander Golob, Leas Artist and President
Golob Art

Janette Santos, Co-Founding Director
Creatives of Color BOSTON

Francis Bautista, Dancer
Belly Dance/Raqs Sharki

Caitlin Julia Rubin, Assistant Curator
Rose Art Museum

Kate McBride, Assistant Director of Communications
Rose Art Museum

Elizabeth Moy, Programs Coordinator
Rose Art Museum

Anna Moss, Teacher and Set Designer

Katherine Gulla, Artist

Ian Hochard, Artist

Diana Limbach Lempel, Artist, curator, histori

April Ranck, Executive Director
Arlington international Film Festival

Sophia Holtz , Writer

Roxanna Myhrum, Artistic Director
Puppet Showplace Theater

Joe wardwell, Artist
Brandeis University

Ariel DiOrio, Art Teacher, Artist

Megan Madara, Marketing Director

Edie Cote, Artist

Mary E. Young Bear , Artist

Kaelan Burkett, Media Specialist

Alex Lukas, Artist

Danielle Legros Georges, Professor of Creative Writing
Lesley University

Nicholas Mancini, Artist, Professor

Allentza Michel, Founder
Boston's Black and Brown Creatives

Tim Devin, artist

Allison Maria Rodriguez, Artist / Curator / Educator

Matt Delligatti, Program Manager
JP KidsArts

Kevin Wynd, Artist

Cheryl Rosenberg, Interior designer, museum patron

Nora Schultz, Artist, professor
Harvard University

B. Glee Lucas, Artist

Ariel Shvartsman, Writer, Musician

Joe DeGeorge, Artist
Harry and the Potters

David Lloyd Brown, artist, former Assoc. Dean of Graduate Programs , School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Erin Gilmour, Projectionist
Coolidge Corner Theater

Leah Klein, writer/parent
City Living Boston

Leah Klein, writer/parent
City Living Boston

Taylor Mortell, Development Coordinator and Executive Assistant
Agassiz Baldwin Community and Maud Morgan Arts Center

Tia Cole, CO-Chair
Lynn Public Arts Commission

Emma Ruff, Artist

Emily Duggan, Writer & performer

Mateo Garcia, Musician, Sound Engineer

Joseph S. Valle, Film Scholar and ESL Teacher

Sofia Ross, Actor

Sarah Rathje , Program Fellow

Coe Lapossy, Artist & Educator

Machel Bogues, Curator

Erica Nazzaro, Artist

Antonio Ocampo-Guzman, Freelance Director and Educator

Katherine Ouellette, Managing Editor
Allston Pudding

Jack Chylinski, artist

Keegan Wales, Artist

Amanda Truesdell, Community member

Selby Nimrod, Assistant Curator
MIT List Visual Arts Center

Jak Ritger, Artist
TRLLM Studio

Timothy Wood, Educator
Jamaica Plain Multicultural Afterschool Arts Program

Alonso Nichols, Artist

G M Forristall, Membership Manager

Gabriel Sosa, Artist, curator and educator

Amy Halliday, Director, Center for the Arts, and Curator
Northeastern University

Paul DeGeorge, Artist
Harry and the Potters

Lydia Jenkins Musco, Artist

George Liu, Artist

Sam Keezell, Artist & Carpenter
JP KidsArts

Shanay Walker, Graphic Designer
New England Conservatory

Lani Weil, Program Associate
Mass Cultural Council

Monica Espinel, Guest Curator
Artpace, San Antonio

Kirsten Swartz, Community Arts Administrator
Cambridge Arts

Sonja Komar-Lay, Scientist Supporting The Arts

Conrad Benjamin, Artist

Angela DeGeorge, Designer

elena johansen, student
choose title

Paige Mulhern, Creative Director

Greg Marquis, Musician/Performer and Community Activist
Allston Brighton Artist Impact

Michelle Mee Nutter , Artist

Christine Varriale, Editor-in-Chief
Allston Pudding

Ingrid Pabon, Arts Engagement Programs Coordinator
Brandeis University

Cortnee Bollard, Arts Educator

Elizabeth Torres, Artist Housing Policy

Saul Levine, Filmmaker

Coelynn McIninch, Artist / Media Specialist

Nancy Seymour, Artist

Neil Cicierega, Artist

Katytarika Bartel, Teen Public Art Teacher
Community Art Center

Pat McSweeney, Member
Boston Cultural Council

Lisa Simmons, Director

Craig Benton Nealy, Architect

Craig Benton Nealy, Architect

Gabriella Aragon, artist

JOSHUA A DECOSTA, Software Engineer

K. Huskins, MHC

Raef Sengupta, Musician, Early Childhood Arts Teacher
KidsArts and Myself

Derek Schwartz, Program Coordinator, Theater
New England Foundation for the Arts

Derek Schwartz, Program Coordinator, Theater
New England Foundation for the Arts

Carlie Febo, Independent Arts Educator and Photographer

Yara Liceaga-Rojas, Writer | Cultural Manager | Educator
Independent artists

Johnny Steines, Arts/Music Consumer

Tyler Wagner, Artist

Dee Moore, Co-Executive Director
Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam TournamentF

Darrah Bowden, Assistant to the Director
Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Alex Miklowski, Artist

Chalice Mitchell , Artist

Jen Brown, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Therapist

Kit Collins, Artist

Karen Eutemey, Artist/ Educator

natalie Behnke, Art Director
Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston

Emily Siar, Doctoral Student
New England Conservatory of Music

Grace Givertz, Musician

Yu-Wen Wu, Artist

Erica Moriconi, Artist

Sasha Costanza-Chock, Associate Professor of Civic Media
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Megan Conway, Associate Editor
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Nico Pang, Writer and Teaching Artist

Nico Pang, Writer and Teaching Artist

Irmak Karasu, Artist

Kristen Hoskins , Head and Curator of Public Programs
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lena Castro, Marketing Associate
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Ken Reker, Professor / Art + Design
Salem State University

Mary Orsak, Student

Rahul Nair, Artist

Andi Sutton, Artist & Communications & Program Manager, J-WAFS, MIT

Siena Scarff , Designer

Julia Martorell, Former Intern
The Cooper Gallery for African and African American Art

Kevin Micka, Musician

Cole Blouin, Musician

Anne Smith-White, Senior Director of Community Engagement
South Shore Conservatory

Kamila Vasquez, Museum Educator

Camila Martorell, Painter, Student
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Parker Yatasitis , Student and Artist
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Kate Castelli, Artist, Associate Professor
Lesley Art + Design

Ana-Sofia Sarmiento, Artist

Madison Simpson, Musician

Flora Brandl, PhD Student
CUNY Graduate Center

Eva Fahey, Artist

Georgina Lewis, Artist/Curator

Sarah Trahan, Artist

Kate Nesin, curator and writer

Allison Maria Rodriguez , Artist / Curator / Educator

Madeline Cooper, Membership Assistant
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Caleb Cole, Artist

Erin Genia, Artist

MARIE CRAIG, co/owner, director
Fountain Street

Damien Scalise, Musician/Teacher
Advent School

Matthew Estabrook, Artist, Music Educator

Nicholas Charles Rosario, Musician

Rubin Hohlbein, Artist
New England Conservatory, KidsArts JP

Benjamin Wetherbee, Musician

Camilo Alvarez, Owner/Director/Curator/Preparator

Sean Lamoureux, Artist

Misha Rabinovich, Assistant Professor
UMass Lowell

Chelsea Sams, Assistant Professor
Montserrat College of Art

Lillian P. H. Kology, Artist, Assistant Professor, Sculpture Program Coordinator
Montserrat College of Art

Shruthi Venkata, Curatorial Intern
Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University

Michayla Kelly, Artist & Dancer

Jannelle Codianni, Executive Director
atac: downtown arts + music

Jannelle Codianni, Executive Director
atacL downtown arts + music

Kyle Thomas Hemingway, Graphic designer

Jason Rouse, Corporate Partnerships Officer

Mylana Scrott-bahgans, Outreach
JP kids Clarinet

Liana Mestas, Associate Director of Individual Giving

Hannah Parker , Artist

Madeline Lee, Artist
Unbound Visual Arts

Madeline Lee, Artist
Unbound Visual Arts

Madeline Lee, Artist
Unbound Visual Arts

Camilo Alvarez, Owner/Director/Curator/Preparator

Grundel Burnings, Speaker
Swampscott Arts Incubator

Katherine Mitchell DiRico, Artist, Adjunct Faculty, Administrator
Montserrat College of Art

Victoria, Dancer, arts educator

Sandy Huckleberry, Artist

victor yang, writer

Marjorie Rawle, Assistant Curator
Fitchburg Art Museum

Susanna Bolle, Director

Angeliki Tsoli, Artist

Annelies Kamen, Artist

Victoria Rose, Artist

Courtney D. Sharpe, Director of Cultural Planning
City of Boston

Erika Rumbley, Director of Horticulture
The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Erin Woodbrey, Artist

Erin Woodbrey, Artist

Clem Peeny, Author
Peeny's guide to painting

Eric Zinman, Musician

Fotini Christophillis, Artist

Joshua Hart, Sculptor, Assistant Professor
Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Hubert Ho, Assistant Teaching Professor; Co-Artistic Director
Northeastern University; Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble

Brooke Scibelli, Family and Art Lab Programs Coordinator

Karyn Alzayer, Director
Integral Arts Everett

Karyn Alzayer, Director
Integral Arts Everett

melissa desmond , photographer/creative director

Emery Bibbins, Artist

Jessica Muise, Visual Arts Manager
The Umbrella Arts Center

Audrey Seraphin, Artist & Administrator

Mia R. Alcover, Creative Services Manager
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Abby Newbold, Director of Exhibitions
Institute of Contemporary Art / Boston

Darrah Bowden, Assistant to the Director
Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Darrah Bowden, Assistant to the Director
Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Caroline House, Art History PhD Student
The Graduate Center, CUNY

Kelly Pedersen, Director
Fort Point Arts Community

Meena Malik, Program Manager, Theater
New England Foundation for the Arts

Kerry C. Downey, Artist, Educator

mary kostman, Artist

Sarah DeGennaro, Artist

Agathi Pavlidis, Artist

Micheldroge, Artist

Aaron Luckman, Art Handler
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Sara Zielinski , Artist

Anthony DiPietro, Associate Director, Admin & Operations
Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University

Sharon Amuguni, Artists-in-Residence Program Manager
City of Boston

Carly Larson, Artist

Diana Martinez, Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art and Architecture, Director Architectural Studies
Tufts University

Tianna Rivera, Artist

Philip Keith, Artist / Photographer

Sara Egan, Assistant Director, School and Teaching Programs
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

John Dalton, Musician

Tanner Gauvin, Artist and Teaching Assistant
AFVS at Harvard University

Catherine D'Ignazio, Assistant Professor, MIT

Rebecca Gray, Musician

Victoria Rose, Musician

Nicholas Rosario, Musician

Brad Barteau, Musician

Ben Michel, Musician

Leo Hardman-Hill, Artist

bashezo obruni, Artist
UnBound Bodies Collective

Renee Miller, Rights & Reproductions Coordinator
Denver Art Museum

Shawna Cross, Artist, ALM student
Harvard University Extension School, Museum Studies

Lexie Casais, Student

ZiZi Spak, Graphic Designer

Erin L. Murphy, Chief Conservator
Harvard Library