Do i need to register my business in massachusetts?

For companies with employees, Massachusetts requires that all companies provide their employees with workers' compensation insurance that companies attest by filing a special affidavit with the Department of Industrial Accidents. After selecting an idea, consider developing a business plan to assess your chances of making a profit. However, there are two exceptions for specific grants that a small business might be eligible for. A Doing-Business As Certificate (DBA) is a quick and easy way to establish your business through your city or city clerk's office.

Local regulations vary across the state, but like state government, most cities require certain businesses and professional occupations to obtain special occupational licenses in order to conduct business in the city. Now you need to get a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN), which is like a social security number for a company and allows you to open bank accounts, manage payroll, and file taxes. This is an overview of the rules on how to qualify your foreign (non-Massachusetts) limited liability company (LLC) to do business in Massachusetts. Along with the Registration Request, you must include a certificate of existence or a certificate of validity for your LLC, issued by the state where it is organized.

Incfile offers a large library of materials to help first-time business owners determine what type of business they should establish. Massachusetts Health Connector for Business is a state-based health insurance marketplace that works to provide small businesses with 1 to 50 employees with affordable employee health insurance coverage. You and your business can be successful through training, counseling, and other assistance aimed at business owners. The section provides information on local licenses and permits, but you should also check the websites of the cities or counties in which you are going to do business.

To qualify for this type of grant, a small business needs to have a unique technology that a government agency has an interest in developing through advanced research. We'll guide you through every vital step in getting your labor of love going, from drafting a business plan to obtaining federal tax identification and attracting investors. While Massachusetts is not one of the most affordable states to live and do business, the opportunities provided to entrepreneurs in the state make their high expenses fair compensation. If you're not rich enough to self-finance your business, you can choose from other financing options.

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