How do i find out if a business is registered in massachusetts?

Search by Subject · Search Corporate Database · Search Corporate Card File · Search Rejected Corporate Applications · Search UCC Database · Search Liens. One of the first steps to take when starting a business in Massachusetts is to conduct a Massachusetts Business Search. The Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains records of Massachusetts business entities that exist or have been dissolved. The database is free to use and makes it easy to search for existing companies and verify an available business name.

Performing a brand search through the Electronic Brand Search System before selecting a business name could prevent headaches in the future. Writing a business plan can help organize the ideas of business owners and create a path that businesses can follow. Enter the company name and select “search”, and the database will generate the names related to the name entered. It also helps build business credibility when business loans are needed to grow the business in the future.

To open the account, simply call your chosen bank and request the steps to open a business bank account. Choosing a business name is easier said than done; many legal and business problems can arise from choosing the wrong name. Sole proprietorships typically operate on behalf of an individual, so there is no need to perform a business name search in most situations. When selecting a Massachusetts business name, it's important to understand the different naming requirements for each type of entity.

On the search page, first select the search criteria, whether you want to search by business entity name, individual name, identification number, or declaration number. As your Massachusetts business grows, competitors tend to appear to try to compete against you in the marketplace. The first step in forming an LLC or corporation in Massachusetts is to verify that the business name is available for use. A business name, also known as “Doing Business As, DBA, Assumsed Name or Fictitious Name” is a name used by a sole proprietorship or partnership.

Businesses must have a business mailing address to open a business bank account and cannot use a P.O. Box as their primary mailing address.

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