Is mass still in state of emergency?

All cancelled or expired emergency orders and guidelines are listed for reference only. After 462 days, the state of emergency that Governor Baker declared on March 10 in response to the coronavirus will end on Tuesday. Beginning July 1, all emergency mandates and restrictions will end. There will no longer be any statewide mask orders in place for any environment, including schools, camps, and child care centers.

Massachusetts's 15-month COVID-19 state of emergency expired Tuesday, a month after Governor Charlie Baker (R) declared he would lift the declaration of emergency due to falling infection rates and continued vaccination efforts. Under this order, all Massachusetts communities must return to the COVID-19 Safety Regulations Phase III, Step I. Thinking again about his conversations with his fellow governors, Baker said he remains grateful for the people of Massachusetts. Mass vaccination centers in the state have begun a gradual demobilization process as local demand changes and additional resources are being directed to mobile clinics and community activities.

Operational responsibilities at several mass vaccination sites will shift from the state to local partners, while other sites will close. Residents must also wear a mask when using any mode of transportation or public transportation. The government of the state of Massachusetts announced that the vaccines will be delivered in phases as recommended by the federal government. Governor Baker announced a four-phase reopening plan for the state of Massachusetts, which is expected to begin May 18. Mass Gathering FAQs The public health order issued by Health Department Secretary Kathy Kunkel temporarily bans mass gatherings to limit the spread of the COVID 19 disease.

It was those calls, he said, that made him especially grateful to be the governor of Massachusetts, with his extensive local medical resources such as the Broad Institute and Moderna. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health will work directly with local leaders, community groups and faith-based organizations to increase awareness of vaccine safety and increase vaccination rates against COVID-19. Until that date, the governor and other state officials had said that the risk of coronavirus in Massachusetts was low. The order suspends certain legal provisions that require a nursing assistant in the state of Massachusetts to complete nursing assistant training within 90 days of starting employment. Massachusetts Department of Public Health Commissioner Monica Bharel issued an order, effective immediately and until the state of emergency is ended.

On the same day, the Massachusetts Department of Health issued a series of orders governing visitation restrictions in hospitals and assisted living facilities, requiring hospitals to cancel all non-essential elective procedures. Massachusetts has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country, with about 78% of residents receiving two vaccines.

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