Massachusetts tourism

Along with a museum, it houses the stalls of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which also includes three more long halls filled by pushcarts, food stalls, and shops. The trail's best-known attraction is Faneuil Hall, called the "cradle of liberty" for its role as the meeting-place of revolutionaries and later, of abolitionists. Especially outstanding are the collection of American quilts; the 1824 Federal Wright House, with its collection of Chippendale furniture; and the Asa Stebbins House, which contains a unique arched doorway and notable collection of wall coverings. Among the top 10 whale-watching sites in the world, the Stellwagen Bank has one of the world's most biologically productive ocean environments.

What is the number 1 attraction in Massachusetts?

Many of them are females that bring their new calves to Stellwagen Bank to feed in the food-rich waters and teach their calves to hunt. You can step back into their world at the living history villages at Plimoth Patuxet Museums (formerly known as Plimoth Plantation). Cape Cod is a long, curving peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic, protecting Cape Cod Bay with its northward curve. In December 16aratists from the Church of England, called Pilgrims, landed at Plymouth after failing to reach their original destination in Virginia, making Plymouth the first permanent European settlement in New England.

It has a planetarium that puts on daily shows, a butterfly garden to marvel at, and even a Dakota fossil which is dated at 65 million years old.

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