What holidays are massachusetts courts closed?

According to G, L, c. Official websites use. Mass, Gov A. mass, gov website belongs to an official government organization in Massachusetts.

Secure websites use HTTPS certificates Most requested sites to log in to state-provided services. See additional information on these options below. Depending on the circumstances, weather closures and other court cancellations will be announced on the jury line that appears on your reminder notice, on the home page of the Jury Commissioner's Office, or on local radio and television stations. The OJC Jury Information Line is updated as needed, and you should check it just before leaving for the courthouse.

You can also receive email updates if you gave an email address to the Office of the Jury Commissioner (OJC). If you don't feel safe traveling to the courthouse due to weather or snow, you can reschedule your service by calling the Jury Information Line at (800) 843-5879 (800 THE-JURY) within a few days after your scheduled service date. Notices of court closures due to weather or other emergencies are posted as quickly as possible on the Massachusetts Judicial System home page. The Executive Office will record a message at the toll-free telephone number 1 (85 622-6878) (1 855 MA COURT).

The Department of Judicial Information Services has ensured that this number can accommodate a high volume of calls from court staff and users. However, courts may need to close during extreme weather conditions or other emergencies. Courts and court offices will only close when the safety of the public or court employees is at risk. If a court where you have a scheduled event has a delayed start or is closed, don't worry.

The Clerk's Office will work with you to reschedule your court event. Prior to closures, courts heed governor announcements about executive branch closures, although the governor's statement doesn't always mean courts will be closed. The Trial Court may not always be closed when federal courts are closed. To find out if courts are closed, visit the Massachusetts Judicial System home page.

Please continue to check the home page for updates on when courts will reopen. Policies on whether your hearing or case will be rescheduled or canceled due to closure or delayed start vary by court. Contact your court for information on rescheduling and individual court schedules. The Trial Court includes 7 court departments (Municipal, District, Superior, Housing, Land, Juvenile, and Probate & Family) located in 100 courts across the state.

Depending on emergency conditions, lockdowns may vary across the state. The Administrator of the Court consults with the President of the Court of First Instance and the Regional Administrative Judges of the High Court to decide if there should be delayed closures or openings depending on weather or other conditions. Supreme Judicial Court and Court of Appeal) We will use this information to improve the site. Don't include sensitive information, such as social security or bank account numbers.

This form only collects comments about the website. Would you like to provide additional feedback to help improve Mass, gov? How much do you agree with the following statements on the scale of 1, Strongly Disagree, to 5, Strongly Agree?. The interactive list allows you to view the hearing schedule for up to 6 days. In Massachusetts, certain holidays are subject to laws that restrict the type of work that can be performed, as well as the type of business and commercial activities that can remain open.

The term “federal holiday” does not apply to individual states or the private sector, since each state has jurisdiction over its holidays. .

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