What makes massachusetts so special?

The state's economy is strong, thanks in large part to its burgeoning high-tech industry, educated population and basic sectors such as agriculture, commerce and fishing. This diversity of industries makes Massachusetts a great place to live for just about anyone. Not convinced that Massachusetts is the complete package? Here are 23 more reasons why it's the most desirable place to settle. Whether you play the Celtics or one of their rivals, you'll be surprised to learn that b-ball has its roots in Massachusetts.

Canadian sports coach James Naismith came up with the idea for the game in 1891, while teaching at the YMCA International Coaching School in Springfield. Gone are the days of peach baskets, but basketball is still one of the country's most popular pastimes. Just a year after Naismith invented basketball, she met a young student named William G. Morgan, who was also seeking a career in physical education at the YMCA.

Motivated by Naismith's ingenuity, Morgan decided to create a different version of the game that would be less strenuous for older players. In 1895, the game of Mintonette was born, which would eventually be called volleyball. It's always good to have a hobby, especially one that helps the environment. In 1922, Elis F.

Stenman began building a summer house made entirely of newspaper on a whim. He was so taken with the idea that he eventually began to build furniture out of newspapers as well, including a desk, a chair and a working piano. Nearly 100 years later, the Paper House is still standing as a testament to Stenman's creativity. The Salem witch trials were drama-filled events that resulted in 20 innocent lives lost and sparked decades of mystery and intrigue about this small town by the sea.

People continue to come to Salem on Halloween, partly out of curiosity and partly because almost everyone who shows up is in costume. The Salem Witch Museum is one of the area's most popular tourist spots, and will transport you back in time to the witchcraft frenzy that gripped this area in the late 17th century. Born in Leominster in 1774, John Chapman's life began with humility. Little did he know that an apprenticeship with an orchist would lead him to become one of America's most beloved folk heroes.

Johnny Appleseed, as he came to be known, traveled the country planting apple nurseries in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. If I hadn't followed the chosen path, we could all be enjoying much less apple pie and hot cider. The pink plastic flamingo is the pinnacle of kitschy lawn decor, and you have to thank Leominster native Don Featherstone. In 1957, he was hired by the plastics company Union Products to design and sculpt the first of these striking creations, and almost overnight, they became a pop culture icon.

While you won't see many of them gracing people's patios today, you can take a look at a vintage pair on display at the Smithsonian. Massachusetts is famous for its colonial history, as well as its important role in the American Revolution. It is a progressive state that has recorded several “firsts” throughout history, including the first state constitution. Massachusetts is also known for its diverse landscape, including mountains, forests, and coastal areas.

The state is home to several large metropolitan areas, including Boston, Worcester, and Springfield. Massachusetts is unique among states because its history and culture predate and embody the experiences of the country as a whole. It is commonly known that Puritans and Pilgrims set the stage for eventual freedom of religious belief when they fled an oppressive government to establish themselves in the New World. Documents such as the Mayflower Pact (1620) and the Body of Freedoms (164), an old code of law, provided the basis for the concept that governments should govern by the consent of the governed and with guarantees to protect individual expression.

First and foremost is education, the basis of America's meritocratic values and the key to any success the country finds in a globalized, knowledge-based economy. Massachusetts is known for its higher education institutions. However, less well known is that the original Tea Party house also has the best schools in the country. In the most basic measures of fourth and eighth grade educational achievement, math and reading skills, Massachusetts leads the nation.

To combat this change, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has charted a path toward decarbonizing the state's economy. In 2004, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who won the Democratic nomination for president of the United States, narrowly lost to incumbent George W. And spending on research and development as a percentage of GDP in Massachusetts is higher than in any other country in the world. Boston is the largest city, at the deepest point of Massachusetts Bay and at the mouth of the Charles River.

Both the senators and the nine deputies are Democrats; only one Republican (former Senator Scott Brown) has been elected by Massachusetts to either house of Congress since 1994. Massachusetts Bay banished dissidents like Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams due to religious and political conflicts. Democrats have absolute control over Massachusetts congressional delegation; no Republicans elected to serve at the federal level. The Kennedy family is one of the most famous political families in the United States, and their community in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, is a popular destination for visitors. The Associated Press maintains an office in Boston, and the local news service, the House News Service, broadcasts state government coverage to other Massachusetts media outlets.

For income-eligible residents, Mass Save has partnered with agencies of the Massachusetts Community Action Program and the Low-Income Energy Affordability Network (LEAN) to offer residents assistance with home improvements that will result in more energy efficient use. Massachusetts has a lower overall violent crime rate than most U.S. UU., but it's more or less in the middle of the herd. Massachusetts is the most populous state to be represented in the United States Congress by a single party.

Farmers and their sons and daughters traveled to the new cities; by the mid-1870s, Massachusetts had become the first state in the Union where more people lived in towns and cities than in rural areas. To learn more about constitutional law or the history of the United States, the Massachusetts Constitution is a good place to start. Massachusetts also has large Dominican, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Cape Verdean and Brazilian populations. If you're a fan of coffee or donuts (or both), make sure to stop by Dunkin Donuts while you're in Massachusetts.

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