Who is required to file massachusetts annual report?

For more information on the different types of companies, select here. Massachusetts companies must submit a report to the Corporate Division every year. Domestic and foreign corporations and LLCs are required to file an annual report each year after the year in which the company was formed. Continued failure to comply with your filing requirements may result in the dissolution of your LLC or a state of delinquency.

One of the requirements to keep a Massachusetts corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) in compliance is to file an Annual Report. Anyone with authority to prepare and submit business filings can file a Massachusetts Annual Report. Trusts that do not divide beneficiary interest into transferable certificates of participation or shares are usually not required to file an annual report. If you want to start and manage a Massachusetts limited liability company (LLC), you will need to prepare and file several documents with the state.

Take one less task off your plate and trust that your annual report will be submitted on time to avoid late fines and fall into a bad reputation with the state. Entity Manager software tracks annual reporting due dates and calculates filing rates across states and Massachusetts corporate filings are part of the necessary steps corporations must take after their formation. Annual reporting fees depend on the type of entity you have and whether your company is domestic or foreign to Massachusetts. If you choose to file your return online, you will need to log in to the Massachusetts Division of Corporations website and navigate to the option to file your annual report.

If you choose to submit your annual report by mail, you will need to download the From D Annual Report and mail it with a check for the fee payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Some states require additional information about income, assets, stocks, and paid-up capital. If you conduct business in the state of Massachusetts, be sure to declare to the state that you are still operational by submitting an annual report to the Division of Corporations every year. If the Annual Report is not submitted on time, a late fee will be imposed and the business entity will lose its creditworthiness status with the state.

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