Who must file massachusetts annual report?

For more information on the different types of companies, select here. Massachusetts companies must submit a report to the Corporate Division every year. If your LLC will sell goods to customers in Massachusetts (you are a sales tax provider), you will need to collect and pay sales tax. By submitting annual reports each year on time, companies avoid the costly and potentially embarrassing consequences of non-compliance.

Additional Issues This section is used to add additional rules and regulations to your Massachusetts LLC. Most Recent Date of Dissolution In this section, you must inform the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of the duration of your LLC (how long it will remain in existence). For more information on the requirements to form and operate an LLC in Massachusetts, see the Nolo article, 50 State Guide to Forming an LLC and other LLC articles in the LLC section of the Nolo website. You can find the anniversary date of your LLC (also known as the effective date) on your approved Certificate of Organization or you can search for the name of your LLC on the Massachusetts Division of Corporations business entity search page.

Entity Manager software tracks annual reporting due dates and calculates filing rates in all states and Corporations in Massachusetts do not need to provide a state tax identification number, nor a statewide S corporation election, as Massachusetts accepts the election at the federal. A Massachusetts corporate annual report is an annual business requirement to maintain your corporate status. Massachusetts corporate filings are part of the necessary steps corporations must take after their formation. Be sure to find the filing authority for corporations in your state and conduct a business search for the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In addition, Massachusetts charities must submit their annual report to the Attorney General by mail, making sure to include Form PC, Federal Form 990, and the filing fee. Perhaps you received a letter from the state telling you that an annual report is due or, worse, you are overdue. Regardless of how you choose to file, your Massachusetts annual report will be processed within 24 to 36 hours. If you choose to submit your annual report by mail, you will need to download the From D Annual Report and mail it with a check for the fee payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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