Who needs a business certificate in massachusetts?

A Doing-Business As Certificate (DBA) is a quick and easy way to establish your business through your city or city clerk's office. Find out if it's right for you and get simple instructions on how to apply. Boston businesses need to obtain a certificate through the City Clerk's office. You must renew your certificate every four years.

The IRS issues an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to identify and track businesses, but does not grant them a license to operate. In addition, companies in certain professions or locations are required to obtain other specific licenses. You and your business can be successful through training, counseling, and other assistance aimed at business owners. First, you should check with the Massachusetts Secretary of State's database to make sure that the name you want isn't already in another business.

You can obtain a business license online by applying to the right regulatory or licensing agency for your company. You can request a Massachusetts sales and use tax registration certificate online through the MassTaxConnect website. The certificate is part of the public record and will be available to anyone who requests it. Business licensing requirements depend on your business activity and location (zoning requirements).

You can also visit the office to obtain a business registration form, a workers' compensation insurance affidavit for your company, if needed. If your company carries out activities regulated by the federal government, you will need to apply for the appropriate license or business permit. For example, the City of Boston requires all companies that work with flammable chemicals to obtain an annual permit from the city's fire department. You can obtain a business license by applying to the right regulatory and licensing agency for your company.

If you just want to remove a person's name from a business certificate, complete and print a name recall form. Any person who runs a company with any title (business name) other than the full real name of the person running the company must submit a certificate. You must give us the name and address of your company, along with the names and addresses of anyone who has an interest in your company.

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