Why is massachusetts a good place to live?

The economy is diverse The state's economy is strong, thanks in large part to its burgeoning high-tech industry, educated population, and basic sectors such as agriculture, commerce and fishing. This diversity of industries makes Massachusetts a great place to live for just about anyone. Since it helps to have good weather. And for most of the year.

And it gives life to the vegetation of the area. Boston may be the obvious choice for the best places to live in Massachusetts, but there are plenty of other strong candidates. Good educational opportunities, great scenery and the best career options are just a few reasons why The Bay State is an attractive place for people looking for a good quality of life. The state has picturesque coastlines that stretch across Massachusetts Bay, Narragansett Bay, Cape Cod Bay, and Buzzards Bay.

Massachusetts retirees will benefit from care at Massachusetts General and Tufts Medical Center, the leading research hospitals known around the world. You'll also want to think about what's included in the Massachusetts retirement community you're considering. Most of New England's workforce exists within the Bay State, and many of them work in education, which makes sense given Massachusetts's collection of world-class higher education institutes. From the Boston Red Sox to the New England Patriots, Massachusetts is the place for high-level sports fans.

No matter what time of year, Massachusetts has an outdoor activity to keep retirees active and outdoors. Massachusetts also performs well when it comes to income growth and has the largest percentage of its population insured, according to WalletHub. So while there are certainly some financial positives to retiring in Massachusetts, it still ranks as the 10th most expensive state to spend your golden years in. The entire Massachusetts coast is popular with retirees, and here you can find great retirement communities and supportive living services.

Now that we've taken a look at what Massachusetts has to offer, let's examine some of the pros and cons of moving to the Bay State. Massachusetts scores highest when it comes to education and measures for health, safety and quality of life. The sprawling capital of Massachusetts is home to about 673,000 people and covers a whopping 90 square miles. Massachusetts has a variety of landscapes that include small coastal towns from the Atlantic in the east to Berkshire and Taconic mountain villages in the west and picturesque farmland in between.

Every state has its fair share of strange and outdated laws, and with a state as rich in history as Massachusetts, it's no surprise that there are still very strange rules on the books here. Either way, if you're moving to Massachusetts from a cheaper part of the country, you might need to start tightening your purse strings to find an affordable spot.

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